Wildwood is a transformative, immersive woodland retreat and community, based on naturopathic principles that encourage a holistic mind-body-soul healing experience.  It provides a supportive space where science-backed healing meets nature.

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The Living Yoga Method is a complete toolkit for YOUR self-transformation.  It uses simple, direct and effective practices that allow you to reclaim your body, breath and mind for a healthy, happy and empowered life.

Find out more about the Living Yoga Method here.

The Living Yoga MEthod™

Full or half-day Yoga immersion

Explore all five components of the Living Yoga Method™ at our retreat space nestled in the heart of nature. The LYM Immersion Experience at Wildwood is an opportunity to take your practice to a whole new level.

Dive into the practice of all five components of the LYM:

  • Full Breath practice
  • Complete Posture training
  • Legendary 'Fire & Ice'  (sauna and cold plunge)
  • Digestion training
  • Time to explore the LYM philosophy with Steve and your fellow Living Yogis

Deeply immerse in the peace and stillness of the woodland 


Woodland Sauna & Cold Plunge

Experience the legendary fire and ice experience of our sauna and ice baths, an essential part of the Living Yoga Method philosophy. Stretch your boundaries in a safe and supported environment.


The Giant Tipi

Community is core to life at Wildwood and our giant tipi ensures that our yogis can gather together all year round, whether it be at mealtimes or simply to talk and enjoy the experience.


Woodland Yoga Cabin

Nestled amongst the woodland at Wildwood you'll find our handcrafted woodland yoga cabin providing beautiful forest views. This is where you'll practice your physical asanas with your fellow yogis.

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Your Teacher

Steve Harrison is the founder of The Living Yoga Method™ at The Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton. Steve has been studying, practising and teaching yoga for the past 25 years after a life-changing encounter with a Yoga Master in the Himalayan foothills opened his mind to these ancient methods for human transformation.